Adventure's Foxtrot
Master Agility Standard Title
Master Agility Jumpers Title
Obedience: RN, CGC, CGCA, TDI,
Nosework: PTN, PTA, PTS
Trick Dog: TDN,TDI,TDA
  Foxy is the smartest dog I have ever owned!  She is devoted, compassionate and brave. She is my agility dog, nosework dog, obedience dog, trick dog, and Doggie Dancing partner. Foxy has several titles in Agility and Nosework. Foxy just received her AKC Canine Good Citizen Advanced and Therapy Dog titles.  She is a wonderful therapy dog who just loves everyone. 
EYES DNA TESTED: CEA - NORMAL - Clear by Parentage
EYES DNA TESTED: CH - NORMAL - Clear by Parentage
EYES DNA TESTED: CL - NORMAL - Clear by Parentage

TNS - NORMAL - Clear by Parentage

  1. Weave Poles
    Weave Poles
  2. Agility
  3. She Loves Agility
    She Loves Agility
  4. Crossing the Bridge
    Crossing the Bridge
  5. Agility Wall
    Agility Wall
  6. "That Was Easy" Button
    "That Was Easy" Button
  7. Shake Trick
    Shake Trick
  8. Nosework
  9. Agility
  10. Adventure's Foxtrot
    Adventure's Foxtrot